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Is it Time for your Insurance Audit?

Has it been awhile since you last looked at your insurance portfolio?

Are you a little sketchy in your recollection of all the coverage you have and why you have it?

Are you uncertain as to whether or not your portfolio reflects your current situation?

Just like going to the dentist for regular checkups is a necessary evil, reviewing your financial plan and products on a regular basis is also recommended.  Circumstances can change over time and making sure your protection is keeping pace is a worthwhile exercise. Read more

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The Stability of the Life Insurance Industry in Canada

Given the problems encountered by some large financial institutions in the United States, how concerned should we be about the state of the life insurance industry in Canada?  It is a fact that over the past decade the number of life insurance companies operating in Canada has decreased dramatically.  This decrease is mainly due to the mergers and acquisitions of the existing companies.  For example, those individuals who maintained policies issued by Maritime Life, Commercial Union, North American Life, or Aetna Life, now find themselves insured by Manulife Financial.  Today, insurance is one of the most closely regulated industries in Canada.  Unlike the United States, in Canada, there is a government organization that supervises all of the federally incorporated and foreign insurers to ensure that these companies operate in a prudent manner.  This organization is the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI).  For those companies that are provincially chartered their oversight is provided by the province in which they do business.  The major life insurance companies are federally regulated by OSFI.

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Lonsdale Wealth Partners

Lonsdale Wealth Partners, a division of Newport Private Wealth Inc., is a unique and new alternative for investors and Advisors tired of the ‘same-old, same-old’ strategies, high market volatility and heavy load fees of traditional mutual funds.

Lonsdale Wealth Partners allows investors to benefit from the investment advantages enjoyed by high net worth and large institutional investors, with an accessible entry point of $50,000.

Lonsdale Wealth Partners Portfolios will be managed by Newport Private Wealth, one of the largest independent wealth managers for high net worth individuals in Canada. Newport Private Wealth has more than $1 billion of assets under management.


Newport Private Wealth

Investment management — the advantages of an institution, personalized for individuals

We invest money for high net worth individuals who have wealth they want to protect and grow – without taking on undue risk. How we achieve this for them is what makes our investment approach unique.

First, it is based on the universal truth that institutional investors and ultra-high net worth families enjoy certain investment advantages over the investing public owing to their size, scale and access to elite expertise and special opportunities.

Newport Private Wealth puts the advantages of institutional investing to work for high net worth individuals. Read more »