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Our Team

Drake Wellington itself began as a great vision; a hope to establish a company that could create real wealth for clients and their families. With other financial services companies, we grew dissatisfied with the limits that were placed upon us, thus not allowing us to serve our clients to the best of our ability and offer financial strategies best suited to their needs.


 Jeff Toews
CEO & Strategic Wealth Planner
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866.825.7188 x1
 Jeff Toews

Natalia Toews
Chief Operations Officer
 Natalia Headshot
Charles McPhee
Senior Insurance Advisor
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866.825.7188 x3

Katherine McPhee
Insurance Advisor
604.569.0357 x4
866.825.7188 x4
Lacey Landolt
Life & Health Insurance Specialist
604.569.0357 x5
866.825.7188 x5

Robin MacKay
Corporate Advisor and Trustee
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866.825.7188 x2

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