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Why Choose Us

Personal and Professional Integrity

While this is always seen as an important element in any relationship, we want our clients to know that integrity is integral to establishing long term relationships with our clients. Without professional relationships being built on truth, objectivity, value creation and hard work, it becomes very difficult to build high value into our processes, unless Integrity remains paramount.

Client Centric Focus

The Team at Drake Wellington is committed to listening to our client’s needs, developing the most advantageous solutions, and providing meaningful education and empowerment to clients looking for the best path forward. We have found that many clients that come to our firm, indicate that they did not feel that their previous advisor groups made the effort to properly understand them and provide objective advice based on what is best for the client.

We Practice what we Preach

The Team at Drake Wellington believe that it is extremely important to not only share valuable info with our clients, but that we implement the same solutions for ourselves, that we offer to our clients. While we cannot possibly implement every last strategy that we assist our clients with, clients can feel confident in knowing that we use and co-invest in, the solutions that we offer.

Experience and Knowledge

While the Financial and Insurance worlds are places of constant changes, adjustments, new products and strategies, it is our goal at Drake Wellington to remain at the forefront of the most effective, highest value and quality solutions available. It is important for our team to be life-long learners, and to continually seek to improve, and show our experience and knowledge to better educate our clients on what solutions would offer the best value.


Building client/advisor relationships, is all about earning trust with our clients, adding value where possible, and having meaningful discussions with those that we work with. Just as we need to clearly communicate with our clients, we want to encourage our clients to feel that no question is too big, too small, or feel that they cannot ask us any question that matters to them. We can be most effective when we understand our clients, and the the things that are most important to those we work with.